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My recommendation to Comcast: And Xfiniti and X-Factor combo package for Britney Spears fans

"I think I might buy a television and setup cable or something. I’m that committed to seeing Britney Spears live on X-Factor."

-Me (Mathew Guiver) to my best friend Adrienne.

Mind you, I haven’t owned a television set in well over 5 years, and never miss an opportunity to tell people that I “don’t watch television.” Usually I’ll follow it up with something like, “oh, I like read in my spare time,” or “I’m never home long enough to need a television set.”

Meanwhile I watch all kinds of shows on Hulu, Netflix, YouTube,, and anywhere else I can find a link to a streaming episode. I don’t always reveal this at first though, because I kinda use my lack of a television as a way to seem more well read, and socially active than I really am.

That was until a few weeks ago when I saw Ms. Spears walking out next to Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato at the FOX upfront announcement thing. I was absolutely sure when I saw those photo of Britney at the same event a few hours later with blood all over her fingers from biting her nails. 

Yes, I am that dedicated of a fan, that I am thinking about giving up my whole “I don’t own a television” act to watch Britney Spears live on X-Factor. I know I could watch the episodes online the following day, but that isn’t enough. I want to see her crazy ass live.  

Which is why I am writing this open letter to the marketing department at Comcast. I know I’m not the only dedicated gay fan of Britney Spears who is going to get television service because of her gig on X-Factor. 

Wouldn’t an Xfiniti/X-Factor combo package be a good marketing idea? Maybe get Amazon in the loop and offer a free MP3 download or e-book of A Mother’s Gift as an incentive for die hard fans like myself? #justsuggesting

New Charter University is matching donations to the SF Public Library. Donate now and help spread the word! 

New Charter University is matching donations to the SF Public Library. Donate now and help spread the word! 

My new place of work rocks. Seriously. Check out what they sent me today, along with a note welcoming me to the team. God, I can’t wait to start on Thursday!

My new place of work rocks. Seriously. Check out what they sent me today, along with a note welcoming me to the team. God, I can’t wait to start on Thursday!

SMX West Twitter Coverage

To help people live tweeting from today’s SMX conference, I’ve put together a handful of call outs from my presentation in the “Best Practices With adCenter For Bing & Yahoo” session. Feel free to copy and paste. Live tweeting made easy!

  • "Download the newest version of the adCenter desktop tool immediately!" - @mathewguiver #smx #12D
  • "With just a username, password, and customer ID, adCenter desktop lets you import your whole AdWords account" - @mathewguiver #smx #12D
  • "adCenter desktop gives you CTR, CPC, and traffic estimates for your keywords" - @mathewguiver #smx #12D
  • "Use adCenter demo predictions to test incremental bid increases by age and gender. Optimize to reduce CPAs!" - @mathewguiver #smx #12D
  • "As you can tell, the adCenter desktop tool is awesome" - @mathewguiver #smx #12D

I also put together a guest post for the Microsoft Advertising community blog. Check it out at

A new chapter

I often consider different parts of my life “chapters.” As if my life is some giant book (like Bible thick), or a popular series of adult novels. I get bored easily, and like to see my life constantly evolving and improving. Sometimes these “new chapters” are personal changes, other times they are professional/career focused. Once I started a new chapter by switching from blonde to dark red hair. Another time I started a new chapter by buying a house, or coming out of the closet.

This weekend marks the beginning of yet another new chapter in The Book of Mathew. 

Yesterday was my last day at my former job. I had been there for about 10 months, and was very lucky to have the opportunity. When I moved to San Francisco I had to find employment quickly, and was fortunate to find an agency that appreciated my forward thinking, and sometimes totally random ideas.

However, for the past couple of months I could tell it wasn’t a good fit. At this point in my life, I don’t really want to work at an agency. I want a position where I could get to deeply know a specific target audience in an in-house role, and come up with innovative and unique ways to connect with them.

Luckily, I think I found such a position. I can’t talk much about it, as the start-up I am joining is still in “stealth mode.” Besides sounding kinda super hero chic, it pretty much means for now I need to be tight lipped about the details.

But, I can say that I am excited about this new chapter. I am excited about the new challenges I will be facing, and the opportunity to join an organization on the ground floor, and become an essential part of the team driving growth and new business.

So, here’s to new chapters, to changes, and to moving forward in life!

I’ll drink to that

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I’m speaking at SMX next month!

I am speaking at SMX West

Excited to announce that I will be featured as a speaker in the adCenter focused session.

Yelling at imaginary people is the new thing

Yes, you heard it from me first! Yelling into the air at someone who isn’t really there is the next big trend.

No not really, but consider this…

While walking my little dog Olly earlier this morning, I heard screaming from down the street. It took Olly a little while to find the best place to pee, so we were out for a few minutes. The yelling got louder as the woman making all of the noise got closer to us.

"DROP DEAD!" She kept yelling. She seemed to be yelling at someone in specific, but there was no one there! Once she got to the cross walk, she stood at the corner missing a few lights yelling the phrase over and over again into the air.

Crazy right?

Then, on my way to work it happened again! I take BART every morning, and on the escalator I noticed another dude talking to a “person” who was not really there. He wasn’t as loud as the Drop Dead Lady, but still, it was weird. 

He kept waving his index finger in the air asking, ”who told you?”

I wanted to explain to him, that obviously he had told the imaginary person whatever it was that he or she knew, as no one else could even see them, let alone tell him or her a secret.

Ahh, the joys of living in San Francisco.

My newest obsessions


  1. The Real Housewives of Atlanta
  2. Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs

I’m a friggen addict to them both. I know I am a little late to the Real Housewives party, but hear me out. I don’t own a television, and Bravo doesn’t put new episodes on Hulu, so I never got to see any of the shows. That was until I moved.

The new gym I go to has Bravo on multiple televisions, and I had no choice but to start watching Real Housewives and Millionaire Matchmaker. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Miss NeNe.

And my Food Network crush Anne Burrell competing against other celebrity chefs? Seriously, television programming doesn’t get any better than that!

Does anyone really “call” in sick anymore?

I’ve been sick since Wednesday, and had to miss a day of work. As a responsible professional living in 2011, I did what anyone would that morning when I realized a trek into the office wasn’t going to happen…

I sent in an email letting the appropriate parties know I was sick. And it got me thinking, they should probably change that phrase “call in sick,” right? Does anyone actual do that these days?